Counting bit set

In EDA, and many other fields, one of the recurring problem is counting the number of set bits in an integer or bitset. For example, in Urbana, our randomized SAT solver, we routinely have to check how many unsatisfied clauses we have to check how far we are from the […]

Why 2^4=4^2?

Symmetry is a beautiful thing. Doesn’t matter if it is art, nature on just numbers. Symmetry brings a certain degree of order, to otherwise chaotic and random world. The most symmetrical equation I ever observed was the simple equality .

Such beautiful equation cannot be random, there must be a reason […]

Visually-weighted plots

Ever since I saw Andrew Gelman’s post on visually-weighted regression plotsĀ I knew I wanted to try something similarĀ in one of my plots. What I like the most about those watercolors is the sense of isolation and simplicity they provide without over-burdening the reader.

Yesterday, I was working on the convergence plot […]

Latex on a diet

Many conferences and journal, at least in my field, impose a restriction on the number of pages of the manuscript. I personally don’t agree with the current practice of limiting the page number of manuscript. Although this is somehow understandable for printed journals, this is a totally unnecessary restriction for […]